Monday, October 12, 2009


OK, I know I haven't posted in forever but I got to put my two cents in on this new show "Trauma." I've been reading other posts, websites and NBC's site and this show is getting a lot of shit. I don't understand what the problem is.

Yea, OK it's not exactly realistic. Every episode so far is packed with some kind of MCI and you got medics doing outlandish stuff that most people in this job never see or do. But guess what? It IS TV! What show on the air is true to life? Do you think anyone would actually tune in to see a crew doing granny totes, sick calls and dialysis runs for an hour? Hell no they wouldn't.

Now, what about other TV shows out there that are emergency or medical based like Rescue Me, ER and House? Does anyone think that everything that happened on ER was true to life? I saw false intubations, doctors defib asystole and many other things. Yet, that show went on forever and was critically acclaimed.

How about Rescue Me? I love that show and I've been a fireman for 15 years. Yet it portrays us in a completely negative way. That show is nothing but drinking, drugs, screwing, adultery, abusing, murdering, lying and cheating with a few fires thrown in for good measure and it has been on the air for several years.

And House? I love that show too, never miss an episode. But does the public think that every doctor is like House? Does the public or anyone for that matter think that medical professionals act that way in the hospital? I would have to say no, they realize that it is TV.

The next beef I have is with people wishing there would be a new "Emergency" with ole Johnny and Roy or their comparing Trauma to Emergency. Have any of these people actually seen Emergency? Johnny and Roy were always going to some major wreck, heart attack, something blowing up or falling in. Granted, I wasn't around back then, but my dad was and he said that was bullshit back then just like it is today. So stop comparing everything to Emergency.

Another one that most people love was Mother, Jugs and Speed. I agree it was a great movie, but what happened in that one? An EMT accused of having dealings with drugs, another that smoked weed and the star drinking while driving on shift. Plus sex in the back of the rig, yet people loved that movie.

One other show that still comes on Discovery was "Paramedics." A reality show based on us. Even they just showed the juicy stuff, and very little of routine day to day.

I just don't get it. I'm kinda glad that we finally got a show of our own. They cancelled the last one "Saved." I wish people would shut the hell up so maybe this would might stick around for more than one season. There are a ton of cop shows and very few fire or EMS shows.

Just remember, it's TV! Not reality!



emt.dan said...

My problem with the show is the expectations that are going to develop as a result. New EMT students will think some of their procedures are proper, the public is going to expect a helicopter ride in the middle of a city for shoulder pain, families are going to expect patients in cardiac arrest to come back, and talk to them, while the OPA is still in their mouth...

Kyle said...

I think it is funny. Nobody I talk to in EMS has anything good to say about the show but everybody seems to know exactly what happen in every episode.

Myself, I have been a closet fan since episode 1.

Honestly this is entertainment. If the show was designed to be realistic why would we watch? Who wants to sit at home and watch a video of the same thing we do day in and day out.

At the risk of being shunned by the EMS community, I love this show and hope NBC will reconsider the cancellation.

Anonymous said...

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Rocky Mountain Medic said...
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Rocky Mountain Medic said...

Blue Ridge,

This is what I did to celebrate the real paramedics for EMS week.

I hope you like.

Rocky Mountain Medic

EMT Training said...

I think it's an entertaining show as long as that's what you see it as. It shouldn't be viewed as an educational resource.

EMT Training

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