Friday, May 15, 2009


In my three short years working for my current employer I have now worked at every station. They call me the shift whore. I am usually the one that has to move around when a Medic is needed to work with an Intermediate or Basic. But now a co-worker has been injured and my semi-permanent station is the farthest from civilization that you can get in our county. It's over an hour to the nearest major hospital from our response area and that's going emergency traffic.

We also get the fewest calls of all the stations. That in itself isn't so bad, I get plenty of time to sleep, work on lesson plans for my teaching, read and stare at the walls. When we do get a call it usually takes about 3 hours to get back to the station.

Yesterday we traveled through 4 different counties, not counting our own and went to 5 different hospitals for a total of 7 calls. Most of them were bullshit, one actually needed to go. That one was a bad breather. Her house was sweltering and her rain-barrel girth and permanent growth in the shape of a cigarette glowing at the end of her fingers certainly didn't help. I wanted to tell her this but didn't, just put her on O2, loaded her up, gave her a few nebs and listened to her talk in a raspy voice for the 78 minute transport.

Anyways....I reckon that's enough bitching for the time being...Till next time..


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