Saturday, April 5, 2008


This is something that I have heard about several times, but never actually seen myself.... We get the call for a routine eye injury, no other information. We get to the house and find a guy standing at his kitchen sink flushing out his eyes.

We ask what was going on and find out that he had glued his right eye shut. To make a long story short, he picked up a bottle that he thought was his prescription eye drops and applied it to his eye. He stopped said application when he felt the burning. His teenage daughter had been putting on fake nails with the glue and had set the bottle down on the end-table where her dad, the patient, usually put his drops. To his credit, both bottles had the same color top and were the same size. It was an honest mistake, but one that me and my partner couldn't help but to laugh at. Luckily the patient thought it was just as funny.

We called the local hospital to ask for assistance in dealing with this matter and the doc on call in the ED gave us some unorthodox advise: rub some Vaseline in his eye. What? Yea, you read it right, put some Vaseline on it. He said that it would remove the super glue.

So, we did it. We asked the family if they had some and they did and then we did. To every one's amazement, it worked almost instantly. It left a glob of glue on his eyelash and he kinda ripped it off, pulling most of the lashes of with it, but he could see out of his eye.

We flushed his eye some more and he said that it wasn't burning anymore. Other than a little redness, he was fine. We tried to get him to go to the hospital, but he wouldn't hear of it. He did promise to see his eye doctor the next morning.

Like I said, I've heard about this before, but never actually seen it myself. I did learn something useful though. It's good information for anybody, but especially anyone with kids.



Ambulance Mommy said...

Two quick comments,
1) I learned something new about restraining a patient in your latest post...Thanks! that's cool! I'm going to have to try that! I just decided to condense my comments. Hope thats ok.
2) My son got glued to a mouse trap (i blogged about it so you can read the whole ridiculous story there) and Poision Control told us to use vegtable oil to release the glue. I'm SURE I'm going to need this Vasoline tip, my kid is going to get into some super glue sometime in his life.

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